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How To Prevent Mouth Sores From Dentures

by Vincent Jennings

Mouth sores make it uncomfortable and painful for you to eat. Dentures can cause sores when they do not fit properly or from bad cleaning habits. It helps to visit a denture clinic at least once a year to maintain a healthy mouth.

Hard and Soft Relines

It is common to experience soreness when wearing new dentures. Your mouth have to adjust to eating and talking with prosthetic teeth. Dentists usually offer relines and adjustments with a new set of dentures.

There are two types of relines. A hard reline uses a hard pink acrylic that contours to your mouth. The acrylic material is used to make an impression of your mouth to get a better fit. Hard relines make the most contact with your gums to create maximum hold. This type of reline is recommended every two years.

A soft reline is done a couple of days after having your natural teeth removed. It is also done over time while you adjust to wearing dentures. Dentists usually use a flexible and softer material for soft relines. This type of reline is easier on sore gums. Soft relines have to be done more often to get the right fit for your mouth.

Relines can prevent your mouth from developing sores. It is common for parts of your denture to rub against your gums and create a sore. A reline can stop your dentures from rubbing against certain parts of your mouth. It can also take relining your dentures several times before getting the right fit.

Maintain Good Cleaning Habits

It is important to maintain good cleaning habits even when wearing dentures. You should clean your dentures and mouth daily. Not cleaning your mouth daily can lead to tartar and plaque buildup. Plaque can irritate your gums and mouth.

Allow Your Mouth to Rest at Night

Most dentists recommend taking your dentures out at night. However, if you are wearing yours at night and experiencing soreness, then you need to only wear them during the day. Removing your dentures takes pressure off your mouth. Taking them out at night also allows your saliva to clean your mouth.

Visiting your dentist on a regular basis allows him or her to examine your mouth. Your dentist can check to make sure your dentures fit and that you are cleaning properly. If you have mouth sores, then you want to catch them early. Leaving them untreated can lead to developing an infection.

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