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3 Scenarios You May Qualify For Financing For Your Dentist Visit

by Vincent Jennings

Keeping up on dental checkups and dental cleaning is essential to your mouth's health. It's also important to keeping your whole body healthy. This is one of the reasons that  it's a good idea to see your dentist even if you can't afford to pay for everything up front. Here are some situations in which your dentist may be willing to work with you if you have a large bill that you can't pay all at once:

Your Insurance May Not Cover a Root Canal

Although most dental insurance does eventually provide coverage for a root canal procedure, you will probably not have coverage during your first year. If you've recently had a root canal by your dentist and didn't know it wouldn't be covered, you will likely be getting a bill soon. Most root canals start at around $300 for teeth that are easy to drill in the front, but can be over a thousand dollars for back teeth. Most dentists are willing to allow patients who didn't know they weren't coverage to make payments on their bill, but will require that you pay it off in a few months. It's important to request your bill be adjusted to the "non-insurance rate" because it was probably billed originally at a higher rate for your insurance company.

Emergency Care Financing is Usually Provided to Loyal, Longtime Patients

If you are short on cash and haven't renewed your insurance, there's a good chance that your dentist will still see you in emergency situations. You'll want to explain upfront that you aren't able to pay for the services all at once and that you no longer have the insurance coverage that you've previously had. For patients that have been loyal customers for years, a dentist will likely work with you to fix a broken tooth or a tooth that is causing you severe pain. 

Cosmetic Procedures Usually Come with Financing for People with Good Credit

Unless there's an accident that's causing you a lot of pain, your cosmetic dentistry needs won't likely be covered by insurance plans. Many procedures, including having crowns or veneers done on several teeth are affordable for out-of-pocket paying customers. If you can't pay for a cosmetic procedure, however, most cosmetic dentists have several payment plan options that are based on your credit history. If you have good credit and a job, you'll be able to get a reasonable payment plan for any procedure, some of which will be based on how much you can afford to pay each month.

When you are dealing with your dental health problems, it's important to know that you can still see a dentist if you can't afford to pay for everything up front. Most dentists are aware that their patients don't all have insurance and sometimes have medical issues that can't wait. For more information, contact a professional like those at OraCare Dental.