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Waiting Room Tips For Children Visiting The Dentist

by Vincent Jennings

If you have a child that might be especially wary of an upcoming dentist appointment, it is important to think through all aspects of this visit. One area to put some thought into is dealing with waiting room anxiety. Here are four tips to make the dentist waiting room experience easier on you and your child.

1. Bring Entertainment

While your dentist's office might have a cache of kid's magazines and toys, it is a good idea to bring a few of your own distractions in case there are other kids playing with available items. Get busy reading your child a book or pulling out their favorite action figure to keep them distracted. Visiting the dentist might be a worrisome endeavor, but there is no need to make the waiting room a sober experience.

2. Don't Get There Too Early

If going to the dentist can be treated like any other errand, there won't be as much build up. This includes getting to appointments on time, but not too early. Forcing your child to sit in a waiting room for 45 minutes can make their stress build up with nothing to think of other than their dentist appointment. If your child is experiencing pain, don't put them in a social situation that they can't really handle for longer than a few minutes.

3. Taking Cues from You

If your child sees the dentist office and waiting room as a laid back environment where people are friendly and happy to see them, this can be a less scary experience. Be sure to find a family-friendly dentist that makes the waiting room fun for kids. Chat up the staff and introduce your child to put them at ease and not feel so nervous about their appointment.

4. Comforts from Home

If your child is overly anxious or worried about their upcoming dentist appointment, this can really build up right before in the waiting room. Be sure to bring along your child's blankie or stuffed animal so they have a little extra comfort while waiting for the dentist. If this seems to calm them, see if they can keep a hold on comfort items during their dental exam as well.

Going to the dentist either for a checkup or for further work can be stressful even for adults. The few minutes leading up to your child's dental exam in the waiting room can be managed with a little foresight. Help your child get ready for the dentist by making the wait a little less stressful.

For more information and tips, consider talking with a dentist and those who work in dental clinics, such as those at Barrhaven Robinson Dental Care