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Waiting Room Tips For Children Visiting The Dentist

If you have a child that might be especially wary of an upcoming dentist appointment, it is important to think through all aspects of this visit. One area to put some thought into is dealing with waiting room anxiety. Here are four tips to make the dentist waiting room experience easier on you and your child. 1. Bring Entertainment While your dentist's office might have a cache of kid's magazines and toys, it is a good idea to bring a few of your own distractions in case there are other kids playing with available items.

2 Reasons A Root Canal May Be Prescribed For An Infected Tooth

An infected tooth can present many different unsavory symptoms, such as a throbbing toothache, extreme dental sensitivity to heat and cold,  smelly liquid oozing from the gums adjacent to the affected tooth, a bump appearing similar to a pimple on the gums, jaw pain and darkening of the tooth. If any of these symptoms are present, the dentist is likely to perform a visual inspection and a dental x-ray to confirm the presence of an infection.